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Gift Your Sweetheart Treats From Bethesda Chocolates - Bethesda Hill Blog

Gift Your Sweetheart Treats From Bethesda Chocolates

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If you love supporting local businesses almost as much as you love your sweetie, treat them to something sweet this year from Bethesda Chocolates. The local shop specializes in handcrafted chocolates filled with fresh ingredients. They’re best enjoy with a sip of piping hot espresso or tea, which are also on tap at Bethesda Chocolates if you decide to come here for an impromptu date.

But if you prefer to just stop in and grab a gift to go, check out the display case to pick and choose the best treats for your sweetheart. If they’re a fan of fruit, the raspberry truffle and the dark orange blossom chocolate are two customer favorites that are bound to impress them. If they prefer a more decadent treat, fill your to-go box with options like the caramel crunch truffle or the simple dark chocolate truffle. You can even pick up a pack of six hot chocolate “bombs” if your paramour likes to curl up with a piping-hot cup of cocoa on a chilly winter’s night!

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