Ensemble: Enjoy the Best of Bethesda Restaurants From the Comfort of Home

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Ensemble is the future of carry-out dining, and will make you completely rethink getting a meal from just a singular restaurant. This new concept marries four popular restaurants into one grab-and-go spot, making it easier than ever to enjoy your favorite foods at your Bethesda studio apartment. 

Get your favorites from Federalist Pig, Ted’s Bulletin, Honeymoon Chicken, and Sidekick Bakery all with one handy order, and then just wait for your dream meal to be available for pick-up. Now you and your friends don’t have to decide on where to get take-out, nor do you have to skip your favorite appetizer or dessert from Ted’s Bulletin just because you want a craft barbecue sandwich from Federalist Pig. Get it all, and then some. Plus, the pick-up system at Ensemble is just as smart as the concept. 

You can get up-to-the-minute messages on your phone so that you know exactly where and when to pick up your order from the giant wall of food. No more waiting, wondering, or compromising. Ensemble has it all. Find the take-out spot on Cordell Avenue in the Woodmont Triangle.  

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